Malware Removal

Malware is a term applied to a vast range of applications designed by threat actors. According to CrowdStrike, “A threat actor, also known as a malicious actor, is any person or organization that intentionally causes harm in the digital sphere.” Do not make the mistake of thinking they are stupid. They are highly intelligent, endlessly resourceful, and infinitely devious.

Sometimes the malicious activity is done by a human being sitting at their keyboard, sometimes it is done by “bots” (software than runs 24 hours a day to perform nefarious acts), and sometimes malicious software that gets installed in a target computer. Sometimes the malware is done by human engineering, for example, tricking the victim into clicking the link in an email that installs a virus.

I (Jeremy) have 40 years experience in the IT sphere, and a certificate in Information Security from Worcester Polytechnic Institute grad school. If you are the victim of malware (or suspect you might be) please contact me for a free consultation to see if I may be able to help.

For more on signs you may have been infected with malware, click Signs of Malware

Article I wrote on scams. It was intended for seniors but much of it is applicable to everyone.

When I worked at End Point Corporation, headquartered in New York, I wrote an article on vulnerability scanning. By the way, End Point is an outstanding company, and if you are in need of a Software-as-a-Service company, you couldn’t do better.

For more on types of malware, please visit the following CrowdStrike page.