Friendly Computer Help

We are accustomed to non-technical people expressing their technical problems and concerns in everyday language, and in explaining technical solutions in language the average person can easily understand.  We believe that people facing information technology problems need and deserve information technology solutions. It is a truism that people who are shopping for drill bits don’t want drill bits. They want holes. People seeking IT support don’t want technical jargon and mystifying “explanations”. They want solutions that just plain work. Given to them at a pace they are comfortable with. And that is what we do. Please contact us for fast, friendly assistance.

IT Support Experience

The experience of Capeway Tech Support extends back to 1983 and the introduction of the IBM PC.  We support all versions of Windows. We are practiced at software development, including Web development,  and Information Technology support.

Roku, An Alternative to Cable

Tired of high cable bills? Roku devices are small, electronic boxes that receive TV channels. Roku devices are available for a one time price for the Roku box itself, and installation and configuration. Roku requires a high speed Internet connection that must be paid for monthly but many people already have one. Roku also requires a wireless router which many people also already have. If, however, you don’t have one, we can sell you one and install and configure it. Roku does not get local channels. It gets providers like Amazon and Netflix (pay-for channels) but also free channels. We can install a free package that gets typical cable channels like MSNBC. Our installation includes configuration and account setup.

Contact Capeway Tech Support

To contact us, send an email via our Contact Us page.


 call Jeremy at (508) 289-1781 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., 7 days a week.