Technical Support

Friendly Solutions

Capeway Tech Support in Carver, MA, offers Information Technology (IT) support to small businesses and personal computer help to individuals. (For a detailed list, see our Products and Services). We focus on Plymouth County, Mass, but we can work remotely as well. House calls a specialty.



Filling the Service Gap

We can fill the gap that many small businesses suffer from. That is, they need IT support, also known as tech support, but they cannot afford a tech support department.  You can outsource your IT Support needs to us. We offer high-quality, certified technical support at very reasonable prices. We also serve individuals, providing friendly one-on-one computer hand-holding.

Friendly IT Language

At Capeway Tech Support our customers typically do not use technical terms as used by tech support experts. And why  should they? They are probably trained in medicine or law or business or plumbing or whatever, and if they used technical terms from their career, we probably wouldn’t understand them either.  That’s why our experts are adept at understanding the everyday language that customers use to describe a technical problem.  And in expressing technical problems and solutions in ways that make sense to the customer. We use this skill whether we are installing and configuring a Roku box, removing a virus, troubleshooting a network, or any other of the products and services we provide (please see Products and Services page). If you have ever been frustrated trying to explain a problem to an IT “expert” or trying to understand the technical jargon they are using to “explain” it to you, then Capeway Tech Support is for you.

 Solid Information Security

If you want to make a computer perfectly secure, lock it in a room and let it have no connectivity to the outside world. No Internet, no email, no network. A practical alternative is to have an Information Security expert lock down (secure) your system, or troubleshoot a system that has been compromised. Our Principal/Founder has an Information Security Certificate from the Graduate School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Plus many years experience protecting and troubleshooting the security of networks and computers. Some anti-virus software detects viruses (aka malware) AFTER they are installed and may have stolen information. We can provide anti-virus software that prevents malware BEFORE it is installed. We can install this anti-malware software and configure it to automatically upgrade itself and install (download) its new virus data.

 Roku Installation and Configuration

A Roku device is used to stream TV channels. Many channels are free and you can add content providers like Amazon and Netflix for modest monthly fees.  The Roku device itself has a one-time cost, unlike a cable TV box for which they charge you month after month. It requires a high-speed Internet connection and a wireless router. If you don’t have a high-speed Internet connection we can assist you in getting one. If you don’t have a wireless router, we can provide one and set it up for you. We can set up a Roku account for you and configure it.