Operating System Installations/Upgrades

An operating system comprises the basic software that runs a computer system and hosts the applications that run on it. Capeway Tech Support works only on Windows and Linux. We do not work on Macs.

Windows 10

For all practical purposes, a Windows installation or upgrade nowadays will be Windows 10. We know of some people who upgraded to Windows 10 and were unhappy with it for one reason or another. For example, in one case software they used in their business now failed. It is possible to roll Windows back to the previous version if it is done within 30 days.

Many people who install Windows 10 themselves choose Express Setup. They do not realize that Microsoft by default chooses privacy settings that sends personal data to Microsoft that they may not wish Microsoft to have. They also do not know that Windows 10 steals your bandwidth by default.  This update option is so that “your PC may send parts of previously downloaded Windows updates and apps to PCs on your local network, or PCs on the Internet.” In other words, Microsoft may be using your computer as a transfer station for computers that belong to other people without your knowing it. The best thing is to choose Custom Setup and choose the settings that you want, but even after installation these settings can all be changed.

Software Installations/Upgrades

At one time, software installation or upgrades needed some technical knowledge, but these processes have advanced so much that there is rarely, if ever, a real need to pay a professional.