Computer Tutor

Need Computer Skills?

Our strong point is computer hand-holding.  We act as your personal geek. This can be helpful to people with a range of skills. We can help you gain more facility with your computer in general. We can train you in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and in Quicken. Our lessons are one-on-one for personal attention. Let us help get you up and running quickly.

Coaching for Seniors

Kids seem to find high tech intuitively obvious, but for older people, it can seem alien. They may feel quite uncomfortable about it. Yet, they would get so much out of it. They may be missing out on reading emails from family and friends. They would love getting the latest photos of their grandkids. Learning how to do these things is not that bad. These computer skills are very approachable with the right teacher.

Tutoring Computer Skills

The right teacher of course has to have technical skills themselves, but they need a lot more.  Empathy – the ability to see the subject through the student’s eyes. Patience – working at the student’s pace. A gift for expression – formulating technical concepts in everyday language. Articulating concepts from the technical world in the frame of reference of the learner. Frequently, techies are terrible at teaching what they know because they make a classic mistake. In teaching, one must always start from where the student is, not from where the teacher is. At Capeway Tech Support, we know how to convey computer skills with empathy, patience, and easy-to-understand language.